Digital technologies

Assessment of the animal identification registration system, database, and information security management system

Location: Cyprus , Cyprus

The objective of the project is to contribute to improved traceability of animals for the purpose of the control of or eradication of transmissible animal diseases; the traceability of animal products for public health reasons; and when necessary to contribute to management and supervision of livestock premium.

The services provided within the project are:
  •  Review and assess animal identification and registration (AIR) system (software and database) currently used by the veterinary services (“current AIR”) against the EU requirements (data and functional), data integrity and security compliance to provide tamper resistant transactions on a trusted network;
  • Review and assess “new AIR” against the same criteria, its security and (lack of) available technical documentation;
  • Review and assess the possibility to participate in the development of an AIR database for the whole island;
  • Provide recommendations and budget estimations to the Contracting Authority on possible further funding to support any of three options (i.e. upgrade “current AIR”, upgrade “new AIR”, develop new AIR which can be used island wide).

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