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Technical assistance mission for reflection and proposals on the future stages of ratification and implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement between West Africa and the European Union in Mali

Location: Mali , Bamako, Mali

The general objective of the mission is to identify the status of the EPA in Mali, as well as the reasons explaining this state of affairs, and to anticipate the changes induced by a future implementation of the EPA in Mali.
The specific objectives of this mission are to:
  • Analyze the experiences in Mali within the framework of the implementation of the ECOWAS Common External Tariff (CET) and the challenges in this process;
  • Evaluate the short- and medium-term forecast impact of the EPA on protection, the competitiveness of industrial sectors, the structure of national production;
  • Propose scenarios for increasing the amounts of compensation for the loss of tax revenue;
  • Anticipate the changes induced by a future implementation of the EPA in Mali and the necessary measures to be taken, on the basis of experiences consolidated through the implementation of the ECOWAS CET;
  • Develop a national strategy for the implementation of the EPA and a realistic action plan comprising the regulatory provisions and the priority areas / axes to be taken by the government for a harmonious implementation of the EPA, also taking into account possible synergies with the implementation of the TEC and commitments to ECOWAS and the ZLECAf.

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