Preliminary design study on the reinforcement and extension of the electrical networks of the chief towns of regions and prefectures (┬ĘPERECUT)

Location: Togo , Togo

PERECUT aims to significantly improve the electrical coverage and access of populations to a continuous, good quality and sustainable electrical service by extending urban networks, rehabilitating them if necessary and making them denser in 53 specific localities, which are distributed in five (5) economic regions of Togo.

With fifteen experts (not counting the survey teams for a total of nearly 700 person days), the mission is carried out in four (4) phases:
  • Phase 1: Start of the mission;
  • Phase 2: Diagnosis of networks in the 53 localities covered by the project. It consists in making in the 53 localities, the inventory of electrical networks and the identification of needs in rehabilitation, reinforcement and extension of the networks; this phase goes through a surveying phase.
  • Phase 3: Carrying out detailed studies including:
    • A detailed preliminary draft of the works to be carried out (APD);
    • An economic and financial analysis
    • An Environmental and Social Impact Study (ESIA) leading to an Environmental and Social Management Plan and a Resettlement Action Plan (PAR).
  • Phase 4: Elaboration of the technical specifications for the Tender Dossier

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