Good governance

Human rights, democracy, rule of law

Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan in introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms and provision of legal aid services to the population

Location: Azerbaijan , Azerbaijan, Baku

The specific objectives of this 18 months Technical assistance, which foresees around 650 expertise days, are as follows:
  • Supporting an efficient and effective implementation of the new law on mediation both at the central level (Task 1 - assisting the Mediation Council) and in whole territory of the country (Task 2 – training mediators and trainers; Task 3 – piloting court-annexed mediation and Task 4 – promote mediation);
  • Conducting a mapping of existing ADR practice and providers (Task 5); 
  • Carrying out a legal research on adjudication of small claims and repetitive cases in accordance with EU best practice (Task 6);
  • Providing primary and secondary legal research and capacity building on legal aid (Task 7)

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