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Rural development, agriculture and food safety

Feasibility study of an investment project aimed at increasing the production capacity of SODECOTON

Location: Cameroon , Garoua, Maroua

The general objective of the requested services is to technically support the EU, the Cameroonian authorities, SODECOTON and the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) concerned, in particular European ones, in a possible financing of the Recovery Plan of SODECOTON. This study analyzes more specifically:
  • the feasibility of this recovery plan and in particular the validation of the strategy for increasing SODECOTON's production capacity, taking into account institutional, financial, economic, social and environmental conditions.
  • the energy component of SODECOTON's recovery plan and must propose various technical solutions to meet the energy needs projected by this recovery plan through solutions implementing solar renewable technology. The various solutions analyzed include self-consumption, with or without energy storage, and the sale of electricity produced and unused. At the request of SODECOTON, the study focuses particularly on cottonseed oil mills in Garoua and Maroua.
The full team includes 4 experts and the project is to be implemented over 4 months.

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