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Identification of Relevant Markets subject to ex ante regulation in the Telecommunications Sector of the Dominican Republic

Location: Dominican Republic , Dominican Republic

The objective of this contract is to carry out a study that will guide the Dominican Telecommunications Regulation Agency (Indotel) in:
● The identification, based on a sound economic theory and statistical techniques and Econometrics of the relevant markets of the telecommunications sector of the Republic Dominican
● The determination of possible risks of abuse of dominance positions in these markets and the effects that could have on the achievement of effective competition.

Based on the above, the studyis carried out in four (4) different but intertwined stages each:

1. Definition of the relevant markets that include public telephone services, access to internet and subscription television in the Dominican Republic, based on a comparison of the criteria established in the Dominican regulations and internationally recognized ones.
2. Analysis of the structural characteristics of each of the markets defined in Stage 1, including the possibility of replacing the services offered; the value chain of all services provided; the geographical scope; the composition and evolution of the offer; as well as the characteristics of the services and products that compete with each other.
3. Determination of the concentration levels in the relevant markets identified, as well as the operators that hold dominant position and possible abuses thereof, if any.
4. In case of abuse of dominant position, identification and proposition of corrective measures ex ante that they should be applied to suppliers who were incurring such practices restrictive to competition, also indicating the potential for affectation of said behaviors.

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