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Identification and formulation mission of a support program for the implementation of Blue Economy in Algeria

Location: Algeria , Alger

The overall objective of this project is to support the dialogue between the European Union and Algeria in order to contribute to the economic diversification of Algeria by promoting sustainable management of the country's coastal and marine areas in a blue economy vision and support for socially and economically sustainable fishing practices.
The specific purpose of the mission is twofold, namely:
  • on the one hand, support the authorities in the formulation of the country's strategy for the promotion of the blue economy, and secondly
  • identify and formulate a program to support the fisheries sector, integrating the sustainable management of fisheries resources, the protection of marine ecosystems, social inclusiveness and coordination with other sectoral actions, in a vision of blue economy.
The full team includes 5 experts and the project is to be implemented over one year.

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