Development EDM Renewable Energy Strategy 2020 - 2025

Location: Mozambique , Maputo

This project is funded by AFD-EU under ARESUF Facility. Expertise Advisors is implementing this project with two partners : MRC & Clean Horizon. The Renewable Energy Operational Strategy will be the first of its kind for Mozambican Utility. To drive renewables development over the medium and long-term, a holistic vision is required, one that considers the various dimensions of renewable energy sources and their development dimensions (on- and off-grid). Five key dimensions are covered under this Renewable Energy Operational Strategy: 
  • Technical component determining penetration for Solar, Wind, Hydro and Biomass for next 5 years, 
  • Financial and Business component defining the most suitable EDM’s Partnership models approach PPP vs Own Assets, 
  • Storage aspects determining energy storage systems that would be needed in terms of frequency control, stability of the system and peak shaving to increase the level of penetration of RE, 
  • Social & Environemental component analyzing sensitive areas in Mozambique according to the new EDM Renewable Energy Strategy to be defined, 
  • Change Management component providing a change management plan (covering EDM organization, human resources, training.
The overall team includes 7 experts and the project must be completed in 6 months

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AFD - French Development Agency

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