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Screening of context and opportunities for AFD in the Balkans regarding non sovereign loan

Location: Western Balkans

The purpose of the mission is to evaluate the demand of ODA support in Western Balkans’ countries regarding the non-sovereign loans (i.e. without explicit sovereign guarantee) that AFD can provide. The potential of non-sovereign long-term loans will be analysed namely to support:
  • Public and state owned financial institutions, local financial institutions in their activity to on-lend funds to final beneficiaries at terms and conditions tailored to the target market (final beneficiaries can be SMEs, green energy projects, the housing sector or the agriculture sector - other sectors can be considered provided the loan would have a development impact).
  • State owned enterprises (SOEs) to fund their projects with a development impact (key sectors are energy, water, transport, telecom, health and education); local microfinance institutions and local governments.
  • Public and state-owned Local Guarantee Funds (LGFs) with counter-guarantee to cover a portion (up to 50% of the final loss) of their guarantees to financial institutions targeting SMEs.
  • Local Governments (LGs) when made possible by the institutional framework and depending on the LGs degree of financial and fiscal autonomy, along with capacity building and technical assistance tools when relevant to help leverage their inner capacity to implement the main infrastructure projects on their territories.

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AFD - French Development Agency

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Western Balkans

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