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Analyse de la politique de l'emploi au Maroc et formulation de la stratégie et modalités d'intervention de l'Union européenne dans le secteur

Location: Morocco , Rabat

The objective of this project is to a) analyze the situation of the employment sector and existing promotion and support measures and b) define the conditions and potential guidelines for support and intervention by the EU in favor of employment policy in Morocco.

Three phases:
  • Preliminary mission preparation phase: document review, development and refinement of the methodology adopted, etc.
  • Phase I: Analysis of the employment sector in Morocco:
  • Literature review on existing reports, statistical analysis and raw data etc.
  • Specific interviews with stakeholders and organization of several focus groups led by the sociologist expert in the regions on the themes of access to employment for young people with few or no qualifications and women,
  • Analysis of the strategic and regulatory frameworks, as well as the main stakeholders and target groups
  • Mapping of the main initiatives and programs in progress, including best practices and existing initiatives
  • Identification of challenges, opportunities and prospects for the future.
  • Phase II: Development of an intervention methodology in the sector: establishment of guidelines will include recommendations on support to be carried out and a general approach on the structuring of employment policy support programs, in particular concerning the following questions:
  • Which stakeholders should be given priority support (based on the stakeholder analysis - public bodies, private sector, civil society, local authorities, etc.)
  • How to best support employment (targeted support vs general budget support; integration of sectoral approaches (for example the private sector, support for civil society, education), etc.)
  • What instruments and modalities for granting aid capable of maximizing the impact and needs of the country (budget support, technical assistance, subsidies, mixed financing, etc.


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