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Diagnostic studies n°5.1 to 5.3 to support the mid-term review of Uganda’s 2nd National Development Plan (NDP-2) and evaluation of NDP-1 Energy (5.1), ICT (5.2), Iron and steel Industry (5.3)

Location: Uganda , Uganda

The overall objective is to contribute to the Government of Uganda’s successful completion of the Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the 2nd National Development Plan (NDP-2) and the end evaluation of the 1st National Development Plan (NDP-1).

The specific objectives of this study is i) to assess progress made against the NDP-1 and NDP-2 objectives in the thematic areas of Energy (1), ICT (2) and Iron & Steel Industry (3) and to identify the corresponding lessons learned and ii) to identify evidence-based, justified and detailed short-term (NDP-2), medium-term (NDP-3) and long-term (10 years NDP) adjustments and actions.

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