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Feasibility study on the development of a low impact, high-end tourism product in Garamba National Park, DRC as a component of the development strategy for job creation

Location: Congo (Democratic Republic of the) , Garamba

The objective of this mission is to conduct a feasibility study on the development of Gangala na Bodio, Nagero Stations and eventually one static or mobile tented camp as a low impact, high end tourism product to contribute to job creation and to increase the income generation for the Park as well as the preservation of one of Congo’s historical sites. The study should provide Garamba’s management team with the necessary guidance and feasibility of renovating the stations, defining the possible solutions for tented camps and developing a high-end tourism operation in Garamba’s unique ecological setting.

The specific objectives are:
  • Ensure that all opportunities of renovating Gangala, relaunching Nagero and launching a tented camp as high-end tourist products are accurately identified and described.
  • Ensure that all Key Threats/Weaknesses (if any) associated with the proposed action are accurately identified and described.
  • Develop an initial financial model taking into consideration all income generating opportunities related with the products and basic market requirements.
  • Develop an initial concept plan including basic requirements, potential activities in the Park (to justify the logistical challenges of tourists reaching the Park) as well as ideas on complimentary attractions that could be developed.
  • Investigate potential tourist circuits within the DRC that could tie in visits to Garamba with other parks and neighbouring countries (Reserve de faune á Okapi, Virunga, …).
  • Investigate the effect that the various seasons (particularly the long wet season) would have on the tourist experience.
  • Investigate and determine a security risk mitigation and management plan for the tourism in this location.
  • Investigate the needs in terms of local capacity reinforcement and the possible solutions (identify the institutions that could be able to deliver specialized trainings).
Identify potential economic and cultural cross-cutting opportunities to integrate community led initiatives into GNP’s tourism opportunities (e.g. purchasing honey from the communities to produce soap for lodges, integrating local artists

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European Union

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Congo (Democratic Republic of the)

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