Skills development formulation study

Location: Zambia

Main purpose
  • The skills development component will be part of a broader economic governance programme, which will also possibly focus on: regulatory reforms to improve  service delivery to the private sector and land governance.
  • The maximum amount allocated for the whole economic governance programme is 24 million euros.
  • Therefore the consultants under this assignment will have to coordinate closely and work together with the consultants who will be dealing with the design of the land governance component and the EU Delegation, which is formulating the third component of the programme on regulatory reforms.

Specific Purpose
The purpose of this study is to contribute to inclusive economic growth and jobs creation, as part of the National Indicative Programme 2014-2020.

The specific objective of this study is to produce a draft project proposal for an EU project aimed at improving the skills of the youth in Zambia, particularly in the TEVET sector.

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European Union

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