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Water Sector Policy Support Programme Second and Third Tranche Compliance Assessment

Location: Egypt , Egypt

The purpose of this assignment is to advise the EU Delegation and evaluate the possibility of releasing of the 2nd and 3rd tranches of the WSRP-II on the basis of complete assessment of the performance against the specific Reform Benchmarks (performance indicators and means of verification).

The specific objectives of the assignment are (with regards to the release of the second and third tranches of the WSRP-II) (1) to assess the progress in terms of performance indicators of the reform on foster the general PFM reform, strengthen and enforce the water sector policy, improve the quality and strengthen the sustainability of the operations of the service providers, and improve the use of existing water resources (2) to evaluate the degree of completion of each Reform Benchmark (3) to collect and verify the appropriateness of all the means of verification specified in the Financing Agreement, (4) to advise the EU Delegation on the release of the tranche, (5) to guide the beneficiaries and the EU Delegation in structuring their compliance assessment reports.

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