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Consultancy Services to support the Mauritius Charmber of Commerce and Industry in the implementation of an Accelerated Technology Transfer Platform

Location: Mauritius , Mauritius

The Global objective of the assignment is to help the Republic of Mauritius move towards a high-income, innovation driven economy, in particular through the protection of Intellectual Property Rights, the leveraging of research and innovation locally and by bridging the technological gap between research and the business world through technology transfer from abroad. The specific objective of the assignment is to assist the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) in improving the knowledge and expertise on IPR and its benefits as well as encourage technology transfer agreements between Mauritian and EU companies through its Accelerated Technology Transfer Platform.

A team of 3 consultants provided several types of services, such as: 
- A Needs and Gap Analysis Report of the Mauritian Innovation and IP Generation and Commercialisation mechanism
- Capacity-building of the MCCI in the field of IP and technology transfer to operationalise its IP Help Desk and Technology Transfer Platform
- Enhancement of Technology Transfer to companies and development of spin-outs through the elaboration of an Electronic Technology Transfer Platform Specifications Report
- Training of 100 professionals, legal practitioners, and business organisations in the drafting of Patents and IPR Agreements.

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