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Identification and Formulation Action Document - Rule of Law

Location: Kyrgyzstan , Kyrgyzstan

The overall objective of the focal sector “Rule of Law” under the Multi-Annual Indicative Programme (MIP) 2014-2020 is to improve justice and rule of law through strengthening the capacity of institutions and the capacity of citizens to claim their rights, while ensuring the accountability and oversight of the state 
The specific objective of this assignment was to review the work done by the national authorities, international/national donors and partners, CSOs’/NGOs in the area of Rule of Law in Kyrgyzstan and identify and suggest areas of work where the EU support is needed.
A new project of 11,59MEUR has been formulated by Expertise Advisors “Justice for All: Mainstreaming People-Centred Reform in the Justice Sector of the Kyrgyz Republic (JUST4ALL)” with three specific components: 
  • Establishment of a People-Centred and Result-Oriented Monitoring System in the Justice Sector;
  • Humanisation of Criminal Sanctions through Probation;
  • Enabling a Human Rights Based Approach to the Administration of Justice in the Digital Era.
The full team included 2 experts and the project has been implemented over 10 months.

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