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Support for the operations of the BIOPAMA Observatories of Protected Areas by developing and tailoring tools and services to enhance conservation outcomes

Location: Italy , Ispra

The project assisted public agencies and the key partners in charge of Protected Areas (PAs) of ACP countries in developing institutional strategy and technical approach outcomes oriented. The technical support provided focusing on the implementation of the BIOPAMA – IMET (Integrated Management Effectiveness Tool) on planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation to enhance biodiversity conservation management in protected areas and natural resources sustainable and equitable governance in surrounding lands of local communities through best information, analysis and support in decisions making. BIOPAMA 2 supported national agencies of the ACP countries in meeting Aichi target 11 and contribute to the maintenance of the environmental and ecosystem services provided by protected areas for livelihoods and human well-being of local people who are highly dependent on the use of natural resources.

The activities:
  • Improvement to IMET V2: functionalities, database, statistics, bugs and errors,
  • IMET V2.0: improvements and development of new functions and modularity system 1 – IMET database and single or scaling-up analysis of PA, – 2 – IMET thematic approach on monitoring, planning, reporting, governance of the ecosystem services and law enforcement);
  • Statistic design, test and improve IMET2;
  • Scaling-up, methodology and analysis from IMET data of single PAs or higher levels (scaling-up);
  • Field tests of IMET2 and of the new modules and related analysis, according to timing and Biopama process;
  • Analysis and connection with the Regional Reference Information Systems (RRIS) and the Regional Observatories (OR)
  • Capacity Building and Training of partners of public agencies and the key partners in charge of Protected Areas (PAs) of ACP countries
  • Contribution to the best potential implementation of the connection between the Biopama tools of the JRC Digital observatories and Copernicus for PAs management enhancement
  • ) Exploration and achievement of synergies between the Green List (IUCN) standards and Biopama-IMET approach, including between IMET coaches and Green List mentors;

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