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Technical Assistance for the preparation of a proposal on Access to Finance for MSMEs in CARIFORUM Member States (Boost Caribbean) to be financed under the intra-ACP private sector development envelope

Location: Barbados , Caribbean region

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has developed a new programme entitled “Boost”, a financial instrument established, in the first instance, to support the growth and expansion of small, innovative businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.  When preparing this financial instrument, it was foreseen that Boost could eventually be expanded to include the Caribbean and Pacific as well. A team of two experts has been tasked with the assignment to provide the required information to determine how Boost can be deployed in the Caribbean region by answering questions such as:
  • What is the demand in the Caribbean for early stage business funding?
  • What type of equity-type financial instruments could drive the market, that the EIB could support?
  • What players could the European Commission and EIB partner with to develop Boost Caribbean?
  • Overall, how should Boost be adapted and applied to the Caribbean context to have the maximum impact?
The team carried out a circular mission throughout the CARICOM region to achieve the following results:
  • Provide a mapping of the equity investment landscape and partners with whom Boost could collaborate
  • Identify targets and needs to be addressed by the Technical Assistance Facility for Boost Caribbean
  • Provide recommendations on the set-up of Boost Caribbean.
  • Complete the application form for CIF

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