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Identification and Formulation Mission Revival of Balochistan Water Resources Programme

Location: Pakistan , Balochistan

The global objective of this assignment was to assist the EU Delegation in Pakistan in identifying and formulating a realistic demand driven programme for the Revival of Balochistan Water Resources Programme.
The specific objective of this assignment was to review the work done by the national authorities, international/national donors and partners, CSOs’/NGOs in the area of Water management in Balochistan, Pakistan and identify and suggest areas of work where the EU support is needed.
A new project of 40MEUR has been formulated by Expertise Advisors “Revival of Balochistan Water Resources Programme (RBWRP)” with four specific components: 
  • strengthen the sound governance of water resources and rangelands in Balochistan; 
  • support the transition from excess water use to a low water agro-economy in medium and large rural farms, involving livestock and groundwater replenishment ; 
  • strengthen value chains of a low water economy among male and female producers and service providers ; 
  • support an increase in the number of qualified agro-technology cadres (government and private) that can provide on-the-farm technical knowhow to local stakeholders. 
The full team included 2 experts and the project has been implemented over 10 months.

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