Rural development, agriculture and food safety

Lessons learnt from two projects in the livestock sector and proposals to continue supporting the sector under the 11th EDF

Location: Guinea-Bissau , Guinea-Bissau

EU support to livestock sector in Guinea Bissau resulted in actions under the EU-AINDA program to increase the production of small family farming (short cycle species) to improve nutrition of the rural population and farmers’ incomes.
The main objectives of this evaluation were to provide the EU Delegation in Guinea-Bissau, interested stakeholders, including the Government and other international partners, and the wider public:
  • an external mid-term evaluation of two projects funded by the EU; 
  • a transfer of acquired experiences and lessons learnt to the next phase of EU support program for livestock sector (short cycle species) in Guinea Bissau.
The evaluation analyzed the project according to the five DAC evaluation criteria: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact + two EU criteria: EU added value and coherence of action.
The full team consisted of 2 experts and the proejct has been implemented over 5 months. 

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