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Technical Assistance for the start of the activities of the support program to the concerted management of Protected Areas and Fragile Ecosystems (APEF) in Chad

Location: Chad , Chad

The overall objective of this program is to promote the sustainable and concerted conservation of Chad's wildlife, biodiversity and heritage for the benefit of the people.
The specific objective of the project led by Expertise Advisors is to promote the concerted management of protected areas and fragile ecosystems in Chad. The three expected results are:
  • Result 1 - Governance, sustainable financing and institutional strengthening: the capacities of biodiversity conservation institutions, protected areas and heritage are strengthened.
  • Result 2 - Large Functional Ecosystem of Zakouma: a conservation model of the Large Functional Ecosystem of Zakouma is developed and implemented in a concerted manner.
  • Result 3 - Sahelo-Saharan heritages: protection, concerted management and development of fragile ecosystems and heritage sites for the benefit of local communities in the Sahelo-Saharan and Saharan areas are ensured over the long term.
The full team included 2 experts and the project has been implemented over 2 years.

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