Rural development, agriculture and food safety

Formulation of the project “Development of the Added Value of Agricultural Sectors” (VAFA)

Location: Burkina Faso , Burkina Faso

The general objective of the mission was to contribute to the formulation of the project "Development of the Added Value of Agricultural Sectors" (VAFA) that the EU is considering under the 11thEDF, in Burkina Faso. This project aims to strengthen the agricultural transformation sub-sector and the competitiveness of businesses in this sub-sector, including their agricultural suppliers.
The main tasks of Expertise Advisors in this project were:
  • Analyze the proposals of AFD and DANIDA to identify specific actions to be taken into account in the implementation of VAFA project;
  • Develop the formulation action document (DAF) that forms the basis of the project financing agreement, including the relevant annexes;
  • Analyze the contracting arrangements between the EU and the two Member States’ Agencies, and draw up the corresponding delegation agreements in accordance with the PAGODA2 legal framework;
  • Propose a coordination system for the entire project and interrelations between the three components (AFD, DANIDA and DGPER), including the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, with particular emphasis on the role and place of the DGPER
  • Draft terms of reference for technical assistance to the national coordination of the project.
The full team included 2 experts and the project was implemented over 4 months.

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