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Technical Assistance Mission to the NAO officer (COFED) in DRC

Location: Congo (Democratic Republic of the) , Kinshasa, DRC

The mission is part of the global framework of cooperation between the European Union and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and more particularly with the technical services of the EDF National Authorizing Officer (ON), through the (COFED).
The main activities are the following:
  • Consolidation of the results of the support project to the COFED structure
  • Revitalization of the structure and supervision of human resources through recruitement, Staff evaluation and coaching
  • Dissemination of media and tools
  • Mechanisms of communication, involvement, consultation and coordination
  • Communication and visibility
  • Update of the Procedures Manual in line with the new PRAG guidelines
  • Support to the establishment of a "System Support System for the implementation of projects (SAM)"
  • Strengthening of the responsibilities of the COFED as contracting authority in the management of Community aid and in the exercise of its responsibilities jointly with the EUD in Kinshasa
  • Appropriate support to technical ministries and contractorConsolidation des acquis du projet d’appui à l’ON du FED sous 10ème FED

This technical assistance of thirty months is implemented with team leader (616 person days) and short term experts (75 person days).

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European Union

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Congo (Democratic Republic of the)

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