Trade and private sector

Formulation of the industrialisation programme for SADC Secretariat

Location: Botswana , SADC region

The SADC Secretariat and the EU Delegation to Botswana have jointly identified a EUR 18 million programme for "Support towards industrialisation and the productive sectors in the SADC region".
The specific objective is to finalise the Action Fiche for this programme, to be financed from EDF11 within the Annual Action Plan (AAP) 2017. In this regard, the Formulation Mission will complete the programme design, in particular regarding the following aspects:
  • Identification of the 3-5 priority products/commodities (within the agro-processing and pharmaceutical sectors) that will be subjected to detailed mapping and the development of regional value chains;
  • Identification of horizontal and vertical interventions to enhance the capacity and capabilities of SMEs to participate in the selected value chains;
  • Define the most adequate implementation modality considering the capacity of the SADC Secretariat;
  • Advice on the most adequate implementation partner/s for the different programme components. Particular attention was paid to ITC
  • Ensure that the designed programme contributes to ensuring full inclusive participation of all the stakeholders including the private sector.

The project was implemented over 6 months with 179 person days

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