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Integrated Border Management Strategy-Improving monitoring and reporting framework

Location: Montenegro , Montenegro

Montenegro has adopted an Integrated Border Management Strategy (IBM) and Framework Action Plan for the period 2014-2018 based on the concept of the EU Integrated Border Management - Schengen Catalogue for External Borders Control, Removal and Readmission, the Schengen Borders Code and the Schengen Convention.
The Strategy is being monitored by a Interdepartmental Commission for Borders under the Ministry of Interior with a mandate to coordinate activities in relation to implementation of the IBM Strategy, determine priorities, dynamics and deadlines for implementation of the activities and evaluate achieved results. IBM in Montenegro is subject to Sector Budget Support (SBS).
The overall objective of this project to support the Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro to monitor and report on the implementation of the Integrated Border Management (IBM) Strategy.
The purpose of this technical assistance is to a improve and update a results monitoring measuring framework for the IBM Framework Action plan, with clear results and indicators of impact, on the basis of the objectives and measures currently included in the IBM Strategy and Framework Action Plan.

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