Good governance

Support to Implementation of the Law on General Administrative Procedure in Serbia

Location: Serbia , Serbia

The main objective of the assignment was to support the implementation of the Law on General Administrative Procedure (LGAP) within the overall public administration reform process in the Republic of Serbia. The specific objective was to create sustainable mechanism for training of employees at all levels of government on the implementation of the Law on General Administrative Procedure. The support provided by the project team was based on the following services:
  • Development of a methodology of delivering a Training of Trainers programme, creating the programmes and content including the design of training materials, and the mentoring approach for further dissemination of knowledge through the HRMS e-learning platform.
  • Delivery of in vivo trainings to future trainers.
  • Development of programmes on the LGAP for three target groups.
  • Identifying models of communication and content for the online e-learning course for three target groups with a timetable for its implementation and adequate interaction model.
  • Provision of support for e-learning platforms and content administration.
  • Provision of mentoring support to the trained trainers.

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