Environment and climate change

Strengthening the coordination of the Group of Least Developed Countries (LDC) within the climate change negotiations process within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC)

Location: Congo (Democratic Republic of the) , Kinshasa, DRC

The overall objective of the project was to support the Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development (MECNDD) that represents the DRC at the Chair of the Group of Least Developed Countries (LDC) with the aim of ensuring an efficient and competent coordination of the activities under the mandate of their chairmanship.

The specific project objective was to strengthen the operating capacities of the Congolese delegation in ensuring that all funds are allocated thereto allowing for the DRC to take over their role of Chair of the LDC Group. The activities included:
    1. Coordination / Communication / Awareness raising
    2. Putting in place the Post-COP 21 Roadmap
    3. Preparation of the Marrakech COP 22 at the end of 2016 : i) Ensure an active participation of the high level members to the LDC Group in the development of the COP 22; ii) Ensure an efficient and competent coordination of the negotiators from the 48 member-states of the LDC Group, iii) Prepare the climate change negotiations within the COP 22 and develop a joint position.
The Team leader performed 212 days and national experts 880 days.

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European Unon

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Congo (Democratic Republic of the)

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