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Preparation of project documentation for Improvement of the Wastewater Collection Infrastructure in the Municipality of Kumanovo

Location: Northern Macedonia , North Macedonia

The global objective of the project was to improve municipal wastewater infrastructure in compliance with the directive 91/271/EEC through preparation of relevant documents for the investment project.
The activities of the project team:
  • Responsible for analysing existing technical data, provide recommendation, identify and propose the highest priority measures and to summarise in a preliminary assessment report which will be the basis for the further development of the investment project.
  • Development of a Feasibility Study with alternative options for the sewerage network in the Municipality of Kumanovo. Proposal of the optimum solution taking into account all of the relevant aspects - technical, financial, investment cost, operation and maintenance costs etc. The solution aimed at separate foul and storm networks where possible.
  • Preparation of  Cost-benefit analyses of the various options in accordance with the latest editions of the Guide to Cost Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects.
  • Preparation of a detail design for extension and rehabilitation of sewerage network in the Municipality of Kumanovo as required, and final detail design shall be included in the tender dossier according to the FIDIC Red Book Conditions of Contract 1999 edition.
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications and Employer requirements and schedules.
  • Development of Works cost estimates.
  • Preparation of Volume 3, Volume 4 and drawings of the tender dossier for works contract for rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage network in the Municipality of Kumanovo.

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